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Day Two

I brush as little as possible to avoid distributing scalp oils throughout. I mist on a little more protective spray, then touch up my ends with a curling iron.

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Day One

Shampoo twice and condition. If I don't use Head & Shoulders Classic Clean ($5,, I'm going down in flakes by day three. I apply a smoothing hair oil and mist my hair with a heat-protective spray—I like Philip B. Oud Royale Thermal Protection Spray ($28, because my hair never gets fried and it smells awesome—then blow.

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How to Make Your Blowout Last 5 Days

My record for not washing my hair is six days and five nights. I do bathe every day, but I want a blowout to last forever. Here's my method for staying fresh from root to tip, Monday to Friday. (Want more blowout expertise? Try these 7 tips to make a blowout last longer from a Drybar founder.)

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What to Do If His Penis Too Small

Pop culture loves to poke fun at small penises—from New Girl to Sex and the City to Curb Your Enthusiasm—it seems like everyone is game to acknowledge the existence of the "micropenis" and all the awkwardness that might come with it. But there's one thing seriously lacking in the prime-time peen coverage: How can you make it work if your partner isn't the most well-endowed?