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Why March Is the Best Time to Rethink Your Resolutions

When you set that lofty New Year's resolution at the stroke of 2017 (with a glass of champagne in your hand during the height of the holiday craze), March probably looked a lot different in your head: You'd be fitter, slimmer, happier, healthier.

6 Reasons to Ditch the Treadmill and Take Your Run Outside

The treadmill is often an unavoidable entity, especially in the dead of winter. (It's why we created our 30-Day Treadmill Challenge!) But as the weather warms up and running on your gym or home treadmill becomes less of a necessity, there are some clear benefits to taking your running workout outside, from stronger glutes to a happier heart. We combed through the studies and polled top experts to bring you all the ways running alfresco trumps running on the tread.

How to Shop for Workout Clothes That Won't Irritate Your Skin

There's nothing worse than dropping a ton of money on a trendy new workout outfit only to have it end up shoved to the back of your dresser drawer. Sure, our expectations for aesthetics and performance are higher than ever in 2017. But above all else, your workout clothes still need to be comfortable or really, what's the point? You'll reach for something else every time if those cool new leggings come with a side of irritation.

Why You Should Stop Doing Things You Hate Once and for All

The thing about health and fitness it that you usually think you have to hunt down the best of the best to reach your goals: the best diet for weight loss, the best workout for toning your abs, or the best meditation to clear your mind. But, really, the *best* diet or workout plan you could possibly follow is the one you're actually going to do.