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2. 2000 42nd Annual Grammy Awards

Obviously, the Grammy dress no one will ever forget ranks near the top. While it doesn't look so revealing to today's eye, it caused such a stir at the time it inspired the creation of Google image search—seriously.

Photo: Shutterstock

3. Birthday Party, 2015

This dress is *everything* on her. You can pick your jaw up off the floor now. 

Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

4. Billboard Latin Music Awards, 2017

And in case you weren't sure, J.Lo's midriff situation is still hot AF in 2017.

Photo: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

5. "On the 6" Release Party, 1999

One of the most classic J.Lo looks ever, with a serious dose of abs.

Photo: Kevin.Mazur/Getty Images

6. MTV Video Music Awards, 2014

J.Lo's award show game is as strong as ever.

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