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Ricklynn Joy Long

Ricklynn Long—aka Riki—is only 4'11" and 105 lbs, but can snatch and do handstand push-ups with the best of them. She found CrossFit and weightlifting in her late 20s after four years of serving in the Marines. Today, she's a national-level weightlifter and has her own business as a nutrition coach. Think it's too late for you to try picking up a barbell? She says it best herself: "I was 28 years old when I finally found my calling; it's never too late to go after it."

Photo: @lil_riki_ Instagram

Kristin Pope

This 27-year-old 63kg weightlifter is an Atlanta native and remains a true Southern belle—she's known for wearing bows in her hair. Kristin Pope started weightlifting in 2014 after doing CrossFit for a year, but before that, she was a competitive gymnast and a competitive all-star cheerleader. Today she crushes 101kg (222lb) clean and jerks and 82kg (180lb) snatches. Barbells and bows, what could be better?

Photo: @kris10pope Instagram

Erin Amos

"Epic Erin" aka Erin Amos aka "Big Daddy" has an impressive collection of titles (and nicknames apparently) already. At just 17 years old, she's a national champ in Judo, former top-ranked Brazilian jujitsu competitor, three-time Youth National Champion in weightlifting, two-time Junior National Champion in weightlifting, and has set every American record for her division in her first-ever Olympic weightlifting meet—whew. Wondering who's headed to the Olympics in 2020? A lot of people are betting on this girl. Need even more reason to follow her? Well, she's hilarious. Just check out her quirky selfies and other shenanigans.

Photo: @epic_erinn Instagram

Camille Brown

After an injury and other life events sidelined her for 18 months, Camille Brown is back in the competitive game, setting lifetime PRs of 75kg (165lb) for the snatch and a 95kg (209lb) for the clean and jerk—all at a 62kg body weight. Her hefty Instagram following is proof of her bright spirit and lifting knowledge. (She even has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and a USA Weightlifting certification to prove it.)

Photo: @camilla4wildcat Instagram

Morghan King

Morghan King is a lifting powerhouse; at just 5 feet tall and 105lbs (she competes in the 48kg category), King can clean and jerk more than twice her bodyweight. While that didn't earn her a medal in Rio, it did land her 6th place and an American record. (P.S. This other badass weightlifter created an app just to teach women how to lift weights.)

Photo: @kindmorghan Instagram