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Why Your Muscles Feel Less Sore the More You Hit the Gym

If you've ever took some time away from the gym only to be slammed with muscle soreness after your big comeback, you're not alone. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for years (they call it the "repeated bout effect"), but they haven't been able to explain exactly why your muscles become less sore the more you work out.

Cheddar Ranch Burgers

With these Cheddar Ranch Burgers you won't ever feel deprived at a backyard barbecue again. Creamy ranch, crunchy lettuce and gooey cheese provide the perfect compliment for a grilled burger or chicken breast.

Photo: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Rosemary Herbed Bread

A sprinkling of fresh herbs turns plain cloud bread into a beautiful savory side dish. These Rosemary Herbed Rounds would be the perfect side dish to any meal.

Photo: The Big Apple Mama

Cilantro Lime Chicken Sliders

Impress all your friends with these gourmet Cilantro Lime Chicken Sliders with Guacamole. The fact that they're as healthy as they are gorgeous can be your little secret.

Photo: Little Broken