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These fall favorites taste nice, and don't they look pretty? For a good-for-you snack, nothing beats blueberries straight from the carton, especially when they're bought right off the farm. Mix these plump berries into the batter for healthified pancakes, throw some onto your oatmeal, or add them to yogurt. Or just eat 'em like candy. Yum.

Photo: Instagram/@buckar008


It wouldn't be fall without a bounty of colorful tomatoes in an assortment of new sizes and shapes. They're chock-full of antioxidants, bursting with juicy flavor—and whether raw or cooked an easy way to up the nutrition of any meal.

Photo: Instagram/@emilybrillanti


Say goodbye to boring bags of baby carrots, and opt for these gorgeous and bright root veggies instead. Roast them to really take the woodsy taste up a notch.

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Garlic heightens the flavor of all your home-cooked dishes. To really take the flavor profile to the next level, swap in different types of garlic to add a smokiness, sweetness, or tang to your plate.

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Enjoy the different hues of red, purple, and maroon radishes in countless varieties. Snag a few to top your salads, dunk into hummus, or add a fresh crunch to lunchtime wraps.

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