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Koral Meter Jumpsuit

Move over, spandex—this jumpsuit gives you a sleek and sexy '80s look with quick-drying and flexible Evanesce fabric. Wear it straight to dinner afterward and make Danny Zuko shake in his boots. ($198;

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Nidra Yoga Harem

Pull off parachute pants in 2016 with these comfy harems made for yoga or dance. So you can get footloose while staying chafe-free. ($124;

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Blake Lively's Totally Relatable New Year's Resolution: "I WILL Fit Into My Jeans"

Leave it to Blake Lively to make a fitness-related New Year's resolution in the middle of the holiday season, a time of the year when health and wellness usually take the backseat. (But they shouldn't. Here are 14 easy ways to practice self-care this holiday season.)

It's just been three months since the Gossip Girl alum gave birth to her second child with hubby Ryan Reynolds, but she's already trying to make a change.