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Google Just Launched a Personal Safety App

These days, there's an app for everything, even nonessential things like booking in-home salon services and tracking international flight fares. One thing that is essential? Your safety. That's why Google launched a new app today called Trusted Contacts. Currently available on Android with an iPhone version to come soon, the app allows you to share your location with select "trusted contacts" in any situation where you want someone else to know where you are.

Pulling Just One All-Nighter Might Have Some Serious Health Consequences

What do new moms, college students, paramedics, and ER docs all have in common (besides having to deal with puke on a regular basis)? They all routinely need to make it through the day on no or very little sleep. And while no one thinks pulling an all-nighter is good for your health, there's actual evidence that it hurts your heart.