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Turkey Sandwich Kebabs

Soggy sandwiches are such a drag, but these turkey sandwich kebabs geniusly solve the problem. You can swap out your personal favorite sandwich ingredients and pack bread or crackers on the side to round out the meal.

Photo: Reluctant Entertainer

Greek Quinoa Salad

Simple, fresh ingredients are the key to perfecting summer dishes, and this greek quinoa salad recipe does just that. It's one of those batch-cook recipes that actually seems to get better as the week goes on. If you have a garden, bookmark this, because you'll be able to use your tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers all at once!

Photo: Back to Her Roots

Garbanzo Summer Salad

The creamy dill dressing makes this garbanzo summer salad. It's a great recipe to have on hand if you're craving something a little more filling, because the wheatberries make it feel hearty, while still feeling light and summery. You can also use another whole grain, like farro.

Photo: Vanilla and Bean

Pineapple Three Bean Salad

Corn is one of those foods that just tastes SO much better in summertime. This three bean salad is best with fresh corn on the cob, but you can also use frozen. The surprising addition of pineapple makes this feel extra summery (you can also serve it with chips, poolside).

Photo: Emilie Eats

Chicken Fajita Lunch Bowls

Pretend you're actually on a beach in Mexico sipping a margarita, even though you're really at your desk and the AC is too high. You can almost get there with this fajita lunch bowl. If you like your midday meal to be hot, this recipe is healthy without being heavy and so easy for meal prep!

Photo: Sweet Peas and Saffron