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Cycle 'Round the City

Ms. Kloss knows how to get her cycle on outside the studio while taking in the sights. Throw on a quick lightweight jacket and grab your bike—it's time to push those pedals.

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Jump In Style

Jumping rope is a simple and easy way to stay in shape. Not sure how good we'd look jumping up and down, but @karliekloss is killing it. Her all-black fitness style slays too.

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Get Fit and Focused

Rise and grind ladies—that's how Karlie Kloss does it. This pic gives us serious #fitspo, how about you? Yeah, we thought so. See you at Pilates class.

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Barre It In Your Bra

Raise the "barre" during your next fitness session and build strength in style like Karlie Kloss. We only wish we looked that long and lean.

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Fierce Trainer @Kaisafit Is #BodGoals (And #FashionGoals)

Fierce AF

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Kaisa Keranen is a fitness training expert—she has her Master's in Exercise Science. If that doesn't grab your attention, her crazy GoPro shots and those leggings should do the trick.

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We can feel the explosion and power in this shot. @kaisafit means serious business when she works out, because the gym is no place to mess around. Guess it's time we hit the gym—Kaisa's making us all look bad.

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Stretching the Imagination

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Between all of her intense workouts and crazy Insta pics, @kaisafit still makes time to throw down an exercise mat and stretch it out with some waterfront yoga. She's no stranger to slaying her workout attire either—just look at that matching get-up.

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Plank Queen

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Teach us your ways, oh wise fitness guru. No matter where @kaisafit goes, this trainer always gets her workout in. We'd get our sweat on too if we had that view!

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Defying Gravity

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Come on, really? We don't know how you do it, @kaisafit but we'll admit, we're impressed.

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