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weight loss trends

The Crazy Things Millennials Are Willing to Do to Lose Weight

Hint: It's not pizza or hours in front of the TV.

Why Following a Gluten-Free Diet Is Difficult Long-Term

And it's not all that great to begin with

7 New Diet Hacks You've Never Heard Before (That Actually Work!)

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Proof That Standing Desks Might Actually Help Prevent Weight Gain

If you're still sitting, you're doing it wrong

The Harsh Reality of Keeping the Weight Off

With the majority of dieters regaining all the weight they lost, more and more women are turning to desperate means to avoid that yo-yo cycle.

Are Botox Injections the Latest Weight-Loss Trend?

Apparently, it's not just for wrinkles!

The Truth About Weight Gain After 'The Biggest Loser'

Extreme weight loss could be too good to be true in the long run, according to new research.

Yo-Yo Dieting Is Real—And It's Destroying Your Waistline

The majority of people who lose weight put it back on—but find out who's most likely to keep the weight off.

How to Lose Weight In Your Sleep (Seriously!)

This new fad is based on ancient wisdom—here's how to make it work for you.

I Ate Everything Out of a Bowl for One Week to Make My Food Taste Better

Research says eating out of a bowl helps us enjoy our food and make healthier choices—but does it work IRL?

The Best Ways to Track Your Weight Loss Journey (And Those to Ditch)

There's so much more out there than that pesky scale.

The Death of Super Strict Diet Plans

Strict diet plans are out, personalized diets are in—here's how to make YOUR best meal plan

Which Matters More: Exercise or Weight?

Exercise is twice as good for your health as weight loss, according to new research.

9 International Fad Diets Too Wacky to Believe

International fad diets too wacky to even believe.

The Ripple Effect of Weight Loss Surgery

A new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that a majority people are going under the knife to slim down.

Is a DIY Body Wrap the Fast Ticket to Weight Loss?

This spa-inspired DIY trend promised lost inches overnight, but some experts think it's too good to be true.

The Mono Meal Plan Is One Fad Diet You Shouldn't Follow

Freelee the Banana Girl eats 50 of the fruit a day. Just how bad is that for her health?

Cryotherapy Promises to Burn 800 Calories in 3 Minutes

The latest health craze promises major calorie burn and health benefits. Would you try it?

10 Spicy Recipes Featuring Chili Peppers

Things are about to get a little hotter in the kitchen...