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women's health conditions

Scary News for Your Sex Life: STD Rates Are at an All-Time High

And that whole "it won't happen to me" thing isn't going to fly

How Late In Pregnancy Can You *Actually* Have an Abortion?

According to doctors, not political candidates

What's the Deal with Chronic Lyme Disease?

Thanks to the Hadid family, this controversial illness is getting a lot of buzz. But why is it so polarizing?

The One Reason Your Doctor May Want You to Eat More Salt

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5 Tricks to Hack Your Exercise High for the Longest and Best Buzz Ever

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5 Surprising Reasons You're Breaking Out (And What to Do About It)

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Study Finds You Can Prevent a UTI Just By Working Out

Just one more reason to get your sweat on, according to new research.

The Zika Travel Warnings Now Include Asia

Health officials are now advising pregnant women to "consider postponing nonessential travel" to 11 countries in Southeast Asia that pose a risk of infection.

Is It Bad to Squat When You Pee?

Time to break this bathroom habit

The Scary Reasons Women Are More Likely to Tear Their ACLs

And the worst part? There's not much you can do about it.

Everything You Need to Know About Traction Alopecia

Regardless of whether Kim K. has it or not

How Kim Kardashian Handles Her Psoriasis

KKW gets real about the skin issue she's been living with for the past six years.

Fed Up New Mom Reveals the Truth About C-Sections

It is 100% NOT the easy way to give birth

Asking for a Friend: What's Causing My Itchy Vagina?

Yeast infections, contact dermatitis, sweat… We asked a sexpert for the causes of vaginal itching—so you don’t have to.

CDC Issues Miami Travel Warning After Zika Outbreak

The news comes after ten new cases of locally-transmitted Zika popped up over the weekend.

Can You Catch Other People's Vaginal Microbes from Subway Seats?

Now that you're officially freaking out, stop. Here's why there's no need to panic.

The Surprising Way Working Long Hours At the Office Impacts Your Health

Consider this your excuse to leave at a decent hour and get to spin class.

Ditching Tampons Might Make You More Likely to Go to the Gym

Even though sweat sessions during that time of the month are the <em>worst</em>.

More Pregnant Women In the US Have Zika Than You'd Think, Says New Report

According to a new report, almost 300 pregnant women have it.

Unsafe Sex Now the #1 Risk Factor for Illness, Death In Young Women

Here's how to make sure you don't become part of this scary statistic!

Study Finds Five New Breast Cancer Genes

Further proof that each diagnosis is as individual as you are.

Why Do My Boobs Hurt During My Period?

There's a reason—and (hallelujah!) a way to make it stop.