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women's health conditions

New Breast Cancer "Vaccine" Treatment Announced

This could be a breakthrough in breast cancer treatment

Why Condoms Are Good for Your Vagina (and Not Just Because of STDs)

And not just because of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion Doesn't Cause Mental Health Issues, Says Study

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Life Expectancy In the U.S. Has Seen Its First Decline In Decades

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Syphilis Might Be the Next Scary STD Superbug

One emerging strain is already plotting world domination—and antibiotic resistance.

The One Resolution You Should Get a Jumpstart On Right Now

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What the Election of Donald Trump Could Mean for the Future of Women's Health

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Paralympic Snowboarder Amy Purdy Has Rhabdo

See, it's not just from CrossFit

The Scary Health Risks of Colored Contacts

The feds have officially warned you

What Your Gut Has to Do with Your Breast Cancer Risk

Groundbreaking new research sheds light on what you can do to protect yourself

Scary News for Your Sex Life: STD Rates Are at an All-Time High

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How Late In Pregnancy Can You *Actually* Have an Abortion?

According to doctors, not political candidates

What's the Deal with Chronic Lyme Disease?

Thanks to the Hadid family, this controversial illness is getting a lot of buzz. But why is it so polarizing?

The One Reason Your Doctor May Want You to Eat More Salt

Don't bust out the bag of chips just yet. Read more about the little-known condition that often goes unnoticed.

5 Tricks to Hack Your Exercise High for the Longest and Best Buzz Ever

Science-backed strategies to make it longer and stronger

5 Surprising Reasons You're Breaking Out (And What to Do About It)

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Study Finds You Can Prevent a UTI Just By Working Out

Just one more reason to get your sweat on, according to new research.