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Working Out at Work

It is possible to shape up at the office without looking like a crazy person—or breaking a massive sweat. Use these tricks to sneak a little exercise in 9 to 5

Be a Nicer Boss in Just 30 Minutes a Week

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The Workout Avid Texters and Typers Should be Doing

If you type all day and text all night this workout is for you. One simple twist to your usual upper body routine can help you beat finger, hand, and arm cramps and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Get a Free Bike Inspection This Week!

Visit one of the 100 plus Performance Bicycle locations nationwide for a free bike safety inspection and get in gear for Bike to Work Week, which begins on May 14th, 2012

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleepy at work? Welcome to the sleep-deprived norm! According to new research, more than a third of American workers don't get enough sleep.

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Tired of client dinners and team building happy hours? Try these three new entertaining ideas that are a lot of fun, and good for your health too!