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work/life balance

Could a Six-Hour Workday Make You Healthier and More Productive?

It would also make you happier...but you already knew that!

Workplace Fairness Has a Real Impact On Your Health

Science says working for a tyrant isn't worth it.

Use Google Calendar's New Feature to Crush Your Fit Goals

Google Goals wants to help you train for that half marathon—or just make it to the gym every morning.

What I Learned from a Month of Workout Dates

Trading in brunch for barre can boost your physical strength <em>and</em> the strength of your friendships. Win-win!

The U.S. Made Major Strides In Paid Family Leave This Week

Thanks to new state laws and company offerings, everyone's become more aware of the importance—and health benefits—of paid family leave.

Workplace Wellness Intiatives Are Having a Major Moment

Even if your office doesn't have an in-house meditation room.

The EOD Yoga Flow for Your Work Woes

Consciously unwind from the daily grind with this post-work yoga sequence.

How You Deal with Email Is Causing You Extra Stress

The most important step to reclaiming your inbox? Stop checking it.

Why We're Saying No to Starbucks Delivery

Starbucks on demand is every woman's dream, but is sacrificing your break worth $4.99?

A Calorie-Burning Business Meeting? Why Sweatworking Is the New Networking

Sweatworking swaps out conference rooms for gyms to get your creative juices flowing.

Why Three-Day Weekends Should Be the New Norm

After Uniqlo institutes a shorter work week, one expert weights in on how that may affect your health.

Two New Reasons You Seriously Need to Find a Work/Life Balance

Long hours and work emails are starting to jeopardize our health.

How Your Gym Workout Prevents Work Burnout

Talk about a win-win for working up a sweat!

How Working at Shape Magazine Changed My Health

Covering wellness changed the way they exercise and eat.

How Natalie Morales Has Time to Host the Today Show and Run Marathons

If you think waking up at 4 a.m. is tough, try adding race training, healthy eating, parenting, and hosting a talk show to the mix.

Your Guilt-Free Guide to Taking a Mental Health Day

Yes, you do deserve it! Experts dish advice for dealing with your boss and making the time off worthwhile.

Health Tips from 10 Top Corporate Wellness Programs

Embrace the health and wellness initiatives of Apple, Google, and 8 more of the best companies—even if you don't work there yourself.

New Study Shows Sleep Deprivation Can Increase Productivity at Work

A new study found that lack of Zzzs can help you make better problem-solving decisions at the office.

Company President Offers Apology to Working Moms

One company president's public confession and apology shows how powerful women can be when we work together.

9 Smart Career Tips for a Bright, Successful Future

Your guide to making a most out of your job for a bright, successful future.