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When: 1 day before
The nails come last! Once your skin treatments are behind you, it's time to take care of the finishing touches. One day out from a big day, the color will still have its luster and won't have any wear and tear. If you're clumsy, consider a gel manicure so you'll be dry on the way out the door (read: no super-frustrating nicks). 

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Body Wrap

When: A few days before
Are you super stressed in the days leading up to a big event? Body wraps are all about relaxation, says Roberts. While there are many on the market—including those for slimming, detoxification, and calming purposes—feeling super zen is the biggest benefit. Roberts suggests opting for a full-body exfoliation before doing a body wrap to help your skin better absorb the ingredients. Just remember to touch base with your therapist about the products they use (especially if you have sensitive skin). The last thing you want is something irritating your skin. And as is true with all of these treatments, if you're opting for a wrap a few days before the event, make sure it's not your first time getting one. (Remember that whole "nothing new" rule?)

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Spray Tans

When: 1 month out
Before you try your first spray tan, make sure you exfoliate a few days before, so the color goes on smooth. You don't need a crazy-expensive product to exfoliate either. "Shaving is a great form of exfoliation," Hirsch notes. As far as timing goes, you'll want to start a few weeks out, she says. To get the true color and evenness you want, you'll likely need a few sessions.

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When: 3 to 4 months out
"Peels are exactly as the word would suggest, peeling layers of the skin," says Roberts. The intensity, she says, depends on the results you're after. "With age or after acne, the skin can appear uneven and dull in appearance. Removing it at a deep level will leave skin looking fresh." A physician would perform a more intensive peel like this, she notes, as it removes more skin and calls for more post-treatment care. Because of side effects (redness or puffiness), schedule your last peel for no later than a month before the event. And like with lasers, if you're operating on a last-minute basis, skip 'em.

On a time crunch? Estheticians can perform milder versions of peels, like exfoliators, which are often part of a facial. Exfoliation usually falls into two categories: enzyme peels (with ingredients like pumpkin, pineapple, and papaya) and chemical peels (with ingredients like AHA, glycolics, and BHAs), Roberts says. The former is gentle and OK for all skin types. It aids in removing dead cells and leaving the skin with a nice healthy glow, she says. The latter is a bit harsher and might not be the best if your skin is super sensitive.

Want something you can do at home? Microdermabrasion, which requires no downtime (score!), can be worked into your at-home monthly skin-care routine, Roberts says. (Or try at-home microneedling, the new skin-care treatment you should know about.)

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