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workout recovery

Why Do I Feel More Toned When I Haven't Worked Out In a While?

If you think your rest day body is hotter than your in-the-gym body, you're not entirely wrong.

Do You Need a Workout Detox?

It'll benefit your muscles <em>and</em> your mind.

11 Yoga Poses Every Runner Needs to Know

Say goodbye to tight hamstrings! This yoga workout will combat your stiffest muscles.

Why Post-Workout Muscle Soreness Hits People at Different Times

Can't walk after leg day? It doesn't mean you're weak.

The Best Stretches for Every Fitness Class

Why you should stop skipping the cool-down, and do these moves instead.

How Beneficial Is a Post-Workout Ice Bath?

Science has convinced us a post-workout ice bath is best for our muscles, but a new study threatens what we know.

The Scary Steam Room Dangers Linked to Dehydration

A post-workout steam may seem like a great way to help soothe sore muscles, but it's actually pretty risky. Find out why.

Is Canned Oxygen the Key to Post-Workout Recovery?

Some say canned air boosts energy and muscle recovery. We asked the experts how effective it really is.

Not Stretching Your Feet Post-Workout? You Should Be

Not treating your tootsies to some post-workout TLC can throw the rest of your body out of whack.

What Trainers Do Immediately Post-Workout

You already know to get protein in your system ASAP, but these healthy habits will maximize post-perspiration moments.

5 Telltale Signs You're Exercising Too Much

Yes, you can overdo it in the gym. Would you recognize the signs telling you that you need to take a break?

Post-Workout Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Learn how water and your inbox could be inadvertently sabotaging your training.

3 Things You Need to Do Immediately After a Workout

Because it’s impossible to snack, stretch, and shower all at the same time, we got three top experts to prioritize your post-workout routine for you.

6 Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles After Overtraining

How to ease those achy spots after an intense workout session.

The Post-Workout Meal Gladiators Swore By

Ancient Romans had a bizarre protein smoothie that served as an effective recipe for recovery. Would it work for you too?

5-Minute Head-to-Toe Cool Down Stretch

Yoga guru Bethany Lyons shares her quick total-body stetch that will have you ready to tackle the next workout in no time.

The Perfect Post-Run Yoga Routine

Stretch, lengthen, and relieve soreness in the muscles that get tightened from running.

Your Speedy Workout Recovery Schedule

Follow this pre-, during-, and post-exercise plan, and you’ll be back at your peak to kill it in your next session faster.

8 Solutions for Your Worst Workout Woes

Go from "hurts so good" to "feels so good" faster with these miracle workers that make post-exercise pain a bad memory.

7 Essential Strategies for Post-Workout Recovery

Heal your body faster and bounce back stronger than before with these essential strategies for soothing sore muscles.

8 Moves to Foam Roll Your Entire Body

Work out all the tension and stress in your body and come back stronger for your next workout with these 8 exercises.

Yoga to Relieve Your Tightest Spots

After a stressful day, release your tense shoulders, back, hips, IT bands, and hamstrings with this relaxing sequence.

The Top 10 Fitness Trends Predicted for 2014

Experts weigh in on the next-big-things in exercise and wellness (and how to use them to reach your goals faster).

The Best Tool for a Deeper Self-Massage

Foam rollers are great, but try this cheap alternative for harder-to-reach and super-stressed muscles.