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How to Find Free HIV Testing Near You


There are tons of arbitrary holidays sprinkling the calendar these days. Last Friday was National Pink Day, yesterday was National Chocolate Pudding Day, and next week is National "Be Nice to New Jersey" Week. (Yep, that's a real thing.) But some of these holidays are actually super important not only to acknowledge but also to take part in. Today, for one, is National HIV Testing Day.

Do You Have the Procrastination Gene?


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You could be doing your work, chipping away at your inbox, getting ready for the gym. But instead, you're delaying the inevitable, looking at cat gifs on the internet or checking Instagram for the billionth time. And a lot of the time, you don't even know why.

How to Style Your Bathing Suit to Wear All Day Long

There are now more options than ever when it comes to swimsuits, but it can be a bummer to buy one you love (especially if you shell out a ton for it) and only get to wear it at the pool or beach. Luckily, swimsuits have so much style right now that if you know the right tricks, you can wear them anytime, anywhere. Here, find out how to mix things up and style your swimsuit from day to night, whether you're headed on vacation or hanging closer to home.

Don't Overthink It