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Fitness Guru Richard Simmons Officially Closes His Studio With an Emotional Farewell

Forty-two years later, followers say goodbye to the exercise icon's Beverly Hills workout studio.

The Total-Body Cheer- and Pilates-Inspired Cardio Workout

The seriously fun one-and-done workout from celeb trainer Lauren Boggi will have your heart pounding and your muscles quivering.

This Intense Total-Body Workout Will Burn a Ton of Calories

You'll burn off that cheat-day burger with the 500 reps.

The Gigi Hadid Workout for When You Want to Look (and Feel) Like a Supermodel

Let's face it: You always want to feel like a supermodel.

The 5-Minute Sculpting Circuit You Can Do At Home

This quick Tabata workout will sculpt all over in under five minutes—no gym required.

The Only Workout You Need When You're Really Freaking Pissed Off

Mad at the world? Take it out on these moves

The Best (Free) Workouts to Take Right Now On Facebook Live

Thanks to these trainers, you can squeeze in a (free) workout from the comfort of home, whether you're into HIIT, Pilates, or yoga.

The Julianne Hough-Inspired Leg Workout

Sculpt long, lean legs and a killer butt like the fit dancer.

The Plyometric Workout That Challenges Even Advanced Athletes

You'll torch calories and build muscle all at once, no equipment required!

A HIIT Workout Like You've Never Done Before

And you thought regular HIIT was hard

This Tabata Workout Is HIIT's More Aggressive Cousin

Work every inch or your body and blast fat with only two workouts a week.

Trainer Talk: The Best Exercises for a Tight Butt

Celeb trainer Courtney Paul shares the three best moves for a strong, lifted backside

Trainer Talk: What's the Secret to Toned Arms?

We hit up celeb trainer Courtney Paul during his workout at David Barton Gym for his no-B.S. approach to sculpting strong arms.

This 13-Minute Cardio Routine Is Guaranteed to Make You Sweat

Tack this session on to your regular workout or do it alone at crunch time. You'll thank us later.

Work Out Like a Sports Illustrated Model with This Partner Boxing Workout

Ebonee Davis and her boyfriend, boxer and trainer Tashon Hopkins, break down the total-body moves that keep the swimwear model in killer shape.

Score Amazing Arms for Summer with This Upper Body Workout

Whip your arms, back, and chest into fighting shape with this 20-minute dumbbell routine.

Your Morning Ab Workout for Flat Abs All Day

Time to get through the mid-week slump with these killer abs moves from Barry's Bootcamp trainer Rebecca Kennedy.

This Super Unique Workout from an NBC Strong Trainer Will Challenge Your Body (and Mind)

Bonus workout motivation: The trainer is tatted-up eye candy.

Try These Modifications When You're Tired AF In Your Workout Class

Instructor-approved swaps to finish class out strong when you literally can't even.

Punch It Out with This Cardio Core Workout

Who doesn't enjoy letting some steam off with boxing practice?

Your 7-Minute Fat-Blasting HIIT Workout

No time? With this quickie workout, there's no excuse!