Weight Loss

The 5 Most Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight

You may not think of these things, but they have the power to make pounds disappear forever.

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9 Obesity Myths to Stop Believing Already

These common assumptions have lived long enough—it’s time to set the facts straight for good.

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This Coffee Says It Will Help You Sleep

A new company says its brew can be the trick to unwinding after a long day and dozing off soundly.

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French Fries May Be Even Worse Than You Thought

A European group is warning about a scary danger of eating fries, bread, coffee, and other browned foods.

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The Worst Summer Foods for Your Waistline

From carnivals to beach vacations, don’t let these tempting seasonal faves sabotage your hard-earned bikini body.

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Cereal May Not Be a Healthy Choice If You’re Pregnant

Read the label carefully and watch for excessive amounts of these vitamins before you pour a bowl when you’re expecting.

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You Can Now Get Your Soda Fix at Starbucks

Starting tomorrow, the coffee giant will offer handcrafted colas to help you chill down.

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The New Source of Protein for Bold Eaters

It’s more sustainable than livestock and has as much protein as eggs. But can you stomach it?

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