Weight Loss
I'm Not Proud of Why I Lost Weight

"I was told I could be the hottest girl in Brooklyn—if I lost weight."

6 Ways to Lose Weight This Weekend

You don't even have to give up happy hour or Sunday brunch.

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Millennials Have a Harder Time Losing Weight than Previous Generations

That sound you just heard was every scale in America being thrown against a wall.

A Diet Coke Habit Could Make You Gain 7 Pounds This Year

Researchers say the zero-calorie bevvy can still tank your diet—here's why.

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Weight Loss Tips from the Ladies of Georgetown Cupcake

The sister-owners of the DC cupcake shop share how they lost a combined 100 pounds in just nine months.

10 Struggles That Still Exist After You've Hit Your Goal Weight

Losing weight was a major victory, but now your new lifestyle brings on a new set of challenges.

Simply Thinking You Have Fat Genes May Be Making You Fat

Talk about the worst kind of self-fulfilling prophecy!