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Some days, you'd rather walk on hot coals than drag your tired, overworked self to the gym and fight the masses for a machine. So how do you stop those old excuses from sabotaging your weight loss efforts? Find out.

I'm Hooked on a TV Marathon
Not being able to pull yourself away from Snooki's shenanigans on Jersey Shore will never qualify as a valid reason for skipping your workout. Yes, it's more appealing to continue watching from the comfort of your couch, but the gym is one of the best places for watching TV marathons. Not only will the mind-numbing effect of reality television help you forget you're actually exercising, you'll also burn twice as many calories because you have to see how the episode ends.

I'm Sick of My Workout Music
This excuse may have worked when it was necessary to drive to a mall and purchase a cassette in order to have new workout music. But thanks to modern technology, the jig is up. It takes seconds to download new pump-up tunes and create playlists. You'll be jogging along to The Black Eyed Peas or Barry Manilow (no one's judging) before you know it. Next!

Beat the Weight Loss Plateau: Think about a trainer

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