Food for Weight Loss
6 Forgotten Foods for Weight Loss

These high-fiber foods are packed with nutrients and flavor!

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Is There a 'Right Way' to Eat Fruit?

How and when you should fill up on fruit.

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5 Foods to Detox Your Body

Healthy foods to help you slim down quickly—no fasting required.

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20 Sweet Snacks Under 200 Calories

These delicious snack ideas make it easy to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on pounds.

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Top 50 Fall Foods for Weight Loss

Enjoy the season's best foods for staying slim.

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8 Health Benefits of Apples

Research reveals even more reasons to take advantage of apples this fall.

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The Healthiest Foods in the World

Add these foods to your diet today!

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6 "Diet-Friendly" Foods That Backfire

From chewing gum to broccoli, surprising things that hinder your weight loss.

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Boost Metabolism with These Everyday Foods

Ramp up your calorie burn with these six foods you probably have on hand