Food for Weight Loss
6 "Diet-Friendly" Foods That Backfire

From chewing gum to broccoli, surprising things that hinder your weight loss.

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Boost Metabolism with These Everyday Foods

Ramp up your calorie burn with these six foods you probably have on hand

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Is Red Wine Really Worth the Calories?

New research says the antioxidant-packed drink is even better than we thought!

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Why You Really Crave Potato Chips

New research says the brain may be to blame for women's bad snacking decisions.

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Do You Really Need to Eat Breakfast?

New diet trends have many wondering if skipping breakfast is no big deal.

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Obscure Produce You Should Be Eating

These little-known fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients.

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8 Super Nutrients for Weight Loss

How to use food to fast track your weight-loss results.

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Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight

It IS possible, but will it work for you? Find out now.

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Eat This, Get a Flat Stomach?

Surprising new research reveals the best diet to target belly fat.

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