Weight Loss Foods
The Best Late-Night Snacks

8 healthy ways to satisfy post-dinner hunger.

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Ask the Diet Doctor: How Much Calcium Do I Really Need?

Our expert clears up the confusion.

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Healthy Foods to Satisfy Your Tart Tooth

Forget candy. Get your tart fix with these fresh foods!

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5 Ugly Health Foods You Should Start Eating Today

Ugly on the outside, but super healthy on the inside!

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5 Delicious Ways to Follow the Mediterranean Diet

It's been named one of the best diets out there! Try these recipes today!

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Which Cereal Has Fewer Calories?

How cereal-savvy are you? Find out here!

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Is Cayenne Pepper the Next Big Diet Food?

Can incorporating cayenne pepper in your diet give you weight-loss benefits?

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50 Spring Foods for Weight Loss

These delicious seasonal foods help boost metabolism so you can lose that extra layer.

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Top Chef Alum Carla Hall Shares Her Favorite Healthy Meals for Summer

Top Chef alum Carla Hall hands over her recipes for a healthy meal.