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The Biggest Unforeseen Benefits of Weight Loss

Six women open up about the perks of weight loss, besides a smaller waistline.


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Does Gaining the Weight Back Scare You?

Real women who have successfully shed a combined 802 pounds answer this complex question.

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Real Women Speak Out: Why Heavy Women Are Invisible

Six now-slim women talk honestly about how society treats overweight women—and how much it can hurt.

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How Weight Loss Affects Your Romantic Relationships

Real women discuss the complexities of romantic relationships and self love throughout their weight loss journey.

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Real Women Talk Post-Weight Loss Skin Removal Surgery

At Shape's round table discussion, women got real about this important aspect of their weight loss journey.

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How Your Brain Adjusts to Weight Loss

Hear real women discuss the mental challenges of getting your mind to catch up with your body after significant weight loss.

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It's Not Cheating: Why One Woman Got Gastric Bypass Surgery

At 285 pounds, Jasmine was leading a healthy, active lifestyle—she'd never felt more confident! Still, she chose to go under the knife for a stomach shrinking procedure. Here's why.

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Brooke Birmingham Shares Her Weight-Loss Journey on the Today Show

Watch this video to hear more from the inspiring weight-loss blogger featured in our Jan/Feb issue!

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Why I Got Skin Removal Surgery

Losing more than 130 pounds left Jamie Schneider with a new outlook on life—and about 15 pounds of excess skin. So she went under the knife to lose it.

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