Keep your shopping list general. "Most diets advise you to make a specific list and stick to it," says Guttersen. "That can make you feel boxed in and unsatisfied. After a while, when you can't stand eating the same foods over and over again, you polish off a pint of ice cream or half a pizza." Guttersen suggests jotting down the categories of foods you need--like whole grains or produce--then seeing what the store offers. If oranges, bananas, and apples are on your shopping list, that's what you'll buy. But if you just write "fruit," you'll get what catches your eye--perhaps pomegranates or tangerines. (See Eat Your Way Out of a Rut, above, for more ideas.)

Stay away from variety packs. Having an assortment of food within a single package encourages you to eat more, even if the only difference is the color. In a study by Cornell University researchers, women ate 43 more M&M's when they got them in 10 colors versus seven colors. You can use this to your advantage, too--for instance, opt for a package of green, red, and purple grapes over one color.

Know when to splurge. Since you're not buying as many processed foods, you'll have more money to spend on high-quality ingredients that make your meals taste terrific. Items worth the extra dough include: extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and cheese (imported versions tend to be more flavorful), fresh herbs, roasted nuts, and refrigerated salad dressings.

Get with the plan. Still concerned about choosing the right foods and sticking to a calorie count that will help you lose weight? Go to to find a complete seven-day plan created by Guttersen. Each day gives you 1,500 to 1,700 calories of satisfying food, so you'll drop about a pound a week depending on how much you're eating now. (Follow an exercise plan, like our "Yes, You Can Fit Into the Sexiest Bikini Ever by May 1" workout, and you'll see results even faster.) You don't have to count calories; we've done all the work for you. You'll find specific serving sizes and several recipes for great-tasting dishes like grilled beef with chimichurri sauce.

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