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Cinch! Weight Loss Success Stories-2

Cinch! Weight Loss Success Story: Selena's Challenge
"I was passionate about my career of managing artists' websites in the music business, but I wasn't taking care of my body. I had a huge problem saying no to fast food and soda. I snacked when I wasn't hungry out of habit, and added way too much salt to my food. I alternated my unhealthy habits with just about every diet out there, but they always left me tired, hungry, unsatisfied, moody, anxious, and disappointed. I would lose weight until I eased up on the dieting, and then my jeans would be tight again. Cinch! is my hero! It is hands-down the most simple, nourishing, and friendly way to lose weight. My shirts fit better, I don't see as much extra bulge on the side, and I'm entertaining the idea of wearing a two-piece bathing suit for the first time! My digestion has also improved 100 percent. And it was so easy!"

Weight Loss Tip: Deprivation Doesn't Work
"The [Cinch!] plan just feels so right and makes total sense. Some girls I know are on a raw diet or juice plan, and others are eliminating carbs. This plan allows me to eat well and have a wide variety of food. I would hate eating only raw foods (find out what it's really like here) or cutting out anything that had carbs. The Cinch! snacks feel like treats. I was about to cry when I tasted the vanilla almond frozen banana snack because it was so good that I couldn't believe my mouth had been missing it all this time!"

Weight Loss Tip: Get Back into Balance
"The puzzle strategy is pure genius. I no longer feel sick after eating, have a steady flow of energy, and I never feel like I'm limiting myself. And now that my body is perfectly in balance, I have the most restful sleeps each night. I feel so much more relaxed and productive. I don't have any hunger pains, roller coaster emotions, dizziness, or cravings. Cinch! also helped me forget about sugary beverages and junk food."

Weight Loss Tip: Master the Kitchen
"I wanted to learn how to cook for a while. Before Cinch! everything was either in the microwave or toaster oven. Now I don't need a cooking class anymore. I have the basics down, and I can make 100 meals! All the meals are clear and simple, and I have the ability to mix them up anytime I want just by using a little creativity. One of the most delicious meals I made was the ricotta penne. I loved the mix of garlic, cheese, and herb seasonings." (Check out 5 amazing Cinch! dinner ideas here)

Selena's Stick-With-It Tip
Go ahead and treat yourself! When I thought, "Oh wow, I'm getting hungry—if only I could eat something now," I realized I could run to the cabinet for my chocolate escape any time. Then I'd close my eyes and really savor it. Just one square of dark chocolate would do the trick, and stop my urge for more sweets.

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