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Cinch! Weight Loss Success Stories-2

Cinch! Weight Loss Success Story: Tess's Challenge
"Like many women, I've tried several weight loss plans through the years. I'll never forget when I was in college and I decided to go back on a very restrictive plan to take off some of the weight I had put back on. When going through my groceries the night before the diet, I realized I had a bunch of stuff I couldn't eat on the plan. Instead of giving it away or throwing it out, I ate it as my last big splurge. The next day was a nightmare of sugar withdrawal—and I didn't last for more than two days on the diet! Cinch! really made me think about what I was putting into my body and how it affected my overall health. This plan allowed me to start sleeping 7 ½ hours and waking up with some pep in my step. I just feel so good about myself!" (Ready to try? Order your own copy of the new book here!)

Weight Loss Tip: Know When to Stop
"By the second week, I began to get the hang of understanding my hunger and what it feels like to eat the right amounts. I used to alternate between feeling starving or stuffed. But I haven't felt either since the beginning of the Cinch! plan. Even when I'm very hungry, it hasn't gotten to the ravenous point, and after every meal I feel I've eaten just the right amount. I even started to notice feeling full before I finished with some of my meals, and that was something I never noticed before! Now that I'm more aware of these subtle feelings of hunger and satiety, I know when to eat and when to stop."

Weight Loss Tip: Keep Your Eye On The Prize
"One day at work I was offered cookies and champagne at a co-worker's goodbye party. I turned down the offers, and was surprised how easy it was. I wanted those things, but I just focused on my goals, and thought about how my healthy snack and my chocolate escape at the end of the day would satisfy me without sabotaging my results!"

Weight Loss Tip: Conquer Cravings
"I started to recognize the difference between real hunger and emotional cravings. I always thought I had beaten the emotional eating beast because I didn't go running to a tub of Ben and Jerry's when I was upset. But emotional eating clearly was much deeper entwined than I thought (Are you emotional eating? Here's how to spot the signs and stop). Not having the opportunity to emotionally eat on this plan has made me take a clear look at these moments and really figure out what I am feeling, why, and what I can do about it instead of looking for a cookie."

Tess's Stick-With-It Tip
"Take it one day at time. If there is a moment when you think you can't do it, think about how many hours you are from your next meal—not many! And that healthy meal will probably satisfy you so much more than the Milky Way in the vending machine. Whenever I was craving something, I would think that I was just one meal away from being satisfied. I didn't need that cupcake or slice or pizza, because in less than two hours I was going to actually be hungry and could eat my snack or my lunch. I reminded myself that my Cinch! meals would not only taste great and be really nutritious, but would also give me energy and make me feel 100 percent better than junk food!"

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