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Cinch! Weight Loss Success Stories-2

Cinch! Weight Loss Success Story: Maleika's Challenge
"I work full-time, but I'm also an aspiring singer, so I need to look good and have energy. For years, I have been the quintessential yo-yo dieter, either in "diet mode" or "free-for-all mode," and both are bad places. I was headed full-force toward obesity, and I was tired of being overweight and feeling like a failure, and just plain tired of being tired."

Weight Loss Tip: Give it a Little Time
"I needed a plan that allowed me to put really good things in my body and keep my cravings in check, and that's what Cinch! gave me. I like that my meal has multiple elements. This is the first time in years I haven't eaten late-night junk food or had terrible cravings or drank alcohol. After just a few days, I started to feel like my body was working really well and I was putting into it exactly what I needed to function. I also lost my craving for sweets."

Weight Loss Tip: Make Eating Multisensory
"The dishes are not only easy to prepare and taste great, they're beautiful! When something looks pretty, with colors and different textures on the plate, you almost forget about stuffing your face. The food becomes part of an overall experience instead of the main event. With other plans I would always sneak things, but with Cinch! I don't have to – I feel satisfied and food has become nourishment. Before, food was always on my mind. I would go out with people JUST for the food. Now, I am sitting enjoying my friends!"

Weight Loss Tip: Lose the Salt!
"Reducing salt makes me feel powerful! Getting rid of the salt shaker has awakened my senses and allowed me to experience more flavor from herbs and spices. And I feel like I'm not tempted to overeat when my salt is in check."

Maleika's Stick-With-It Tip
"Follow the plan 100 percent. Don't make up your own rules. Trust me, I tend to be a rule breaker, but I'm so happy I didn't this time. Cinch! really works. I feel like I have my life back!"

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