Before you eat that pint of ice cream, ask: Is this really what I need? Will this make me feel better? Think about how you'll feel after you binge -- bloated, lethargic and ashamed. Is that how you want to feel? "Eventually you'll learn to say, 'I love myself too much to keep treating myself like this,' " McCubbrey says. Forgive yourself after a binge. "If you can forgive yourself," McCubbrey says, "you help break the cycle because you don't go on to the next binge." And you'll feel more free.

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your inner life frequently, says UC San Francisco's Mellin. Check in with yourself throughout the day. Ask yourself: How do I feel? (Angry? Sad? Exhausted? Happy?) What do I need? (A good cry? A long walk? A nap? A hug?) "When you become emotionally connected to yourself, you turn off your need to overeat," says Mellin.

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