Priceless Diet Tips from Our Twitterview with Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent

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SHAPE Twitter Chat with Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent Photo

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SHAPE Twitter Chat with Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent Photo

If you missed today’s Twitterview with Alison Vincent, the season five Biggest Loser winner and host of the Live Well Network's Live Big with Ali Vincent, don't stress: Here's the entire chat, including what helped her finally lose 112 pounds to become the first female winner of the Biggest Loser—and how she’s kept the weight off for five years. You just may find the motivation you need to start your own weight-loss success story or, if you've already started, to reach your goal weight faster.

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@Shape_Magazine: Thank you for joining us today @AliVincent and congratulations on keeping the weight off all these years after @biggestlosernbc. 

@Shape_Magazine: Need a refresher on who @AliVincent is? She topped our list of the all-time best @biggestlosernbc winners

@Shape_Magazine: If you didn’t go on @biggestlosernbc do you think you would have successfully lost the weight/kept it off?
@AliVincent: That wasn’t my reality, so I can’t really answer. I can say I was ready, so I hope I would have found the tools. 

@Shape_Magazine: What made that the time you were ready to make a change?
@AliVincent: I was tired of feeling bad about myself and my body. 

@Shape_Magazine: Do you think you could have had this level of success without @biggestlosernbc? If not why? If so, how?
@AliVincent: I know I could now. Prior I didn’t know where to turn, but all my resources were there before I left the ranch.

@Shape_Magazine: What would you have done to lose the weight had you not been chosen for @biggestlosernbc?
@AliVincent: Gone back to @WeightWatchers, get a trainer & just hope that this time I would find the strength to be consistent.

@Shape_Magazine: Solid choice @AliVincent, @WeightWatchers was rated the best diet in 2012. Here are the nine runner-ups.

@Shape_Magazine: What was it that pushed you to apply for @biggestlosernbc?
@AliVincent: My mom @Bette-Sue was the one who told me that I couldn’t afford not to go to the open casting call.

@Shape_Magazine: Did you ever regret joining @biggestlosernbc while you were there?
@AliVincent: No, but I'd never tell some1 to go unless I was confident in their strength—never imagined the pain/angst I endured.

@Shape_Magazine: You know who had the strength? Season 11 winner @BL11Olivia who lost & kept off 129 pounds. Check out her before and after pics.

@Shape_Magazine: What kept you going on @biggestlosernbc?
@AliVincent: I needed to prove to myself that I could do what felt impossible & know that no one could take it from me.

@Shape_Magazine: What is the best single piece of advice you learned while on @biggestlosernbc?
@AliVincent: @MyTrainerBob said to grow up! I was mad, but he was right. When I finally processed that, it's what made the difference.

@Shape_Magazine: @MyTrainerBob has lots of great advice. Here are his top five tips to stay motivated while losing weight.  

@Shape_Magazine: The techniques on @biggestlosernbc are extreme. What are the best things you learned that apply to real life?
@AliVincent: Honestly the techniques are not that extreme, it’s the amount of time that is extreme.
@AliVincent: I learned how to have my body work for me. That combined with consistency, anything is possible. 

@Shape_Magazine: Get a tough @biggestlosernbc workout @ home with @JillianMichaels' fast-track to fit routine—short but hard! 

@Shape_Magazine: What’s the No. 1 lesson you learned from @MyTrainerBob on @biggestlosernbc?
@AliVincent: To take responsibility for my choices. 

@Shape_Magazine: Another thing we learned from @MyTrainerBob? He doesn't buy into no-carb diets. Get more of his advice here.

@Shape_Magazine: What’s the No. 1 thing you learned from @JillianMichaels on @biggestlosernbc?
@AliVincent: To keep my mind and body guessing so that complacency never has a chance to set in and plateau. 

@Shape_Magazine: Here's a collection of our 10 most popular workouts so you can shake things up before your body gets bored.  

@Shape_Magazine: Reader @MisMercedes wants to know: Is @JillianMichaels as tough as she looks?
@AliVincent: Let’s just say she’s REALLY good at her job :) but she's very compassionate, especially compared to @MyTrainerBob!
@AliVincent: The @JillianMichaels you see on TV isn’t necessarily what we experience on the ranch.

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