The Busy Girl's Guide to Eating Right

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The Busy Girl's Guide to Eating Right


IN A PERFECT WORLD…you ban red meat to save your heart.

IN THE REAL WORLD…you celebrate a few days of healthy eating with a juicy burger or steak.

A HAPPY MEDIUM You don't need to give up red meat entirely. After all, beef is a top source of protein, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. But moderation is key: "Have oversize portions on a regular basis and you'll get too much artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol," says Karen Collins, R.D., a spokeswoman for the nonprofit American Institute for Cancer Research in Washington, D.C.

"You can have up to 18 ounces, or six 3-ounce servings, of cooked red meat a week," says Collins. While that seems generous, it adds up fast, considering that the average restaurant burger or steak weighs in at around 7 ounces. So if you splurge on the steak frites one night, scale back on the deli roast beef sandwiches and meatloaf for the rest of the week. And always choose the leanest cuts: There are 20 varieties that have no more than 6 grams of fat per 3 ounces. At the butcher or meat counter, ask for sirloin, round, or 95 percent lean ground beef. Also opt for select-grade meats, which have less than half the fat of choice- or prime-grade cuts.

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