Conquer Food Cravings

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Curb Cravings

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Conquer Food Cravings

Balanced Healthy Diet Conquers Food Cravings


Crave-proof your home and office by banishing crave-worthy foods and making healthy snacks and meals readily available.

The simplest way to quash sugar cravings or carb cravings is to ban crave-worthy foods from your environment. If you do buy snack foods like chips or cookies, choose small packages or individually wrapped portions to avoid going overboard.

Here are three other ways to make healthy snacks easily available to defeat sugar cravings and carb cravings.

  1. Cut up and bag carrots, radishes, broccoli and celery sticks in advance and pack them with some lowfat cheese.
  2. Buy light microwave popcorn packages to have on hand, and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top.
  3. Keep fruit washed and ready to slice into a container of lowfat yogurt.

Address your stress and emotional overeating.

If your food cravings hit when you're anxious or stressed, seek consolation in other ways instead of emotional overeating. What is it that you really need? A comforting conversation with a co-worker, a walk, or a shoulder massage from a friend may do the job. If reassuring "comfort foods" are your downfall, find some that are healthy, but still satisfying—a vegetarian casserole, maybe, or mashed potatoes made with lowfat milk.

Giving in to food cravings is sometimes okay on a balanced healthy diet.

If your craving is especially persistent, denying yourself that cookie or bag of chips will only make the urge more intense. Allow yourself a moderate portion of the food you crave, deciding on the amount you'll have before you dig in.

Get more healthy eating tips and ideas for healthy ways to satisfy your snack cravings without blowing your diet.

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