Priceless Diet Tips from Our Twitterview with Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent

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SHAPE Twitter Chat with Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent Photo

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SHAPE Twitter Chat with Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent Photo

@Shape_Magazine: Which style worked better for you, @MyTrainerBob or @JillianMichaels? Why?
@AliVincent: I respond best when I know the person cares about me so @JillianMichaels—you never have to guess what she means.

@Shape_Magazine: What does @JillianMichaels want YOU to know in 2013? She shared her top advice for the new year with us! 

@Shape_Magazine: How many people are helping you behind the scenes of @biggestlosernbc and who?
@AliVincent: I think now they might have more resources than during my season, which was 5.
@AliVincent: During season 5 we spoke to the nutritionist & psychologist once before going & once when we were eliminated. 

@Shape_Magazine: What kind of support do they offer? How did this help you on your journey?
@AliVincent: Things changed but I got a 1-yr mmbrshp. When I was eliminated & after I won, there was no support system in place.

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@Shape_Magazine: What surprised you most about your weight-loss journey? Why?
@AliVincent: I never anticipated the emotional journey attached to extreme weight loss. 

@Shape_Magazine: Check out the results of the emotional journey of season 12 winner @John_Rhode. He lost 220 pounds

@AliVincent: I thought it was just about eating & exercise but that is really only about 10% of the equation; 90% is emotional.
@Shape_Magazine: We always wonder what's more important: diet or exercise (get the answer), but don't think about emotion.

@Shape_Magazine: Have you encountered any negative reactions from friends/family?
@AliVincent: Yes, ppl aren’t comfortable with change. They fear if you change 1 thing you want to change all things—including them.

@Shape_Magazine: How do you handle that?
@AliVincent: Communication is key, but that didn’t help with all my relationships and some friendships were lost. 

@Shape_Magazine: Is there anything women just beginning their weight-loss journey can do to prepare for these types of reactions?
@AliVincent: It’s important to talk 2 all the ppl you love & tell them why you want to do this & tell them how they can support you.

@Shape_Magazine: Have your relationships caused weight gain before? Nutritionist @CynthiaSass shows you how to handle it.

@Shape_Magazine: What would you say is the very first step anyone can do to get started on their weight-loss journey?
@AliVincent: If you change NOTHING ,journal. Write EVERYTHING down—what you eat, how you move, how you feel. Become aware of your choices.

@Shape_Magazine: Food journaling is so important but can be tedious/tough to be accurate. Here are 5 tips to make it easy

@Shape_Magazine: If you could point to 1 thing that made this attempt at weight loss a success vs past attempts, what would it be?
@AliVincent: I not only did the work, I also finally believed it was possible & that I deserved to feel fantastic with my choices 

@Shape_Magazine: Can you share a day of exercise with us? How much do you exercise daily?
@AliVincent: My goal this year is to run 13 13.1 races in 2013 so I am running 3 miles a day.
@AliVincent: I also do Pilates at least 3x a week & try to also get in a spin class & a swimming workout during the week 

@Shape_Magazine: What does a typical workout look like for you?
@AliVincent: I keep my workouts to 1.5-2 hours a day 5 days a week, but I don’t necessarily do it together—in fact I rarely do.
@AliVincent: I do about 45 mins of cardio then strength, but have to admit I have not been lifting lately—but get back to it! 

@Shape_Magazine: How often do you change your routine?
@AliVincent: I rarely do the same workout, if ever; it rotates in, like a swim workout, for example, that I might repeat every 3 months. 

@Shape_Magazine: How do you step things up when you feel like your routine isn’t giving you results anymore?
@AliVincent: I will usually add resistance or speed to try and amp up my workout results. 

@Shape_Magazine: What have you found more helpful in maintaining your weight loss, cardio or strength training? Why?
@AliVincent: I’m at a crossroad—I do more cardio, but my body's softer than I like so I'll be incorporating more strength again.

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