Weight-Loss Strategies
Are New Burger King Satisfries Healthy?

Debuting today, these fries have less fat and fewer calories, but that doesn’t mean they’ll help you lose weight, our Diet Doctor says.

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7 Weird Weight-Loss Strategies That Work

Drinking oil? Cake for breakfast? See which quirky techniques truly work.

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The Science of Cellulite

What's the real culprit behind this unsightly body woe? And (more importantly) are there actually ways to hide it?

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3 Reasons You Don't Lose Fat

The secret to melting off your middle? Start working out more like a man! Here's why.

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The Secret to Losing Stubborn Fat

Don’t give up! We have the trick to help you slim down if the scale seems to be stuck.

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BELLY FATarticle
The Latest Magic Weight-Loss Pill?

Can supplementing with vitamin D help you shed pounds faster?

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Spring Cleaning: Burn Calories Doing Chores

Yes, those chores count! Here's how to burn major calories during a cleaning sesh.

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Foods That Really Do Burn Fat

New research says that these foods can help you work off calories and lose weight.

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