6 Weekend Weight Loss Tips to Slim Down

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6 Weekend Weight Loss Tips to Slim Down

Dining Out

You've been waiting all week for this opportunity to really indulge—after all, it's date night, not diet night!

Your Slim-Down Solution
Choose dishes with names that denote a healthy cooking method. "Au jus (cooked in broth), braised, broiled, baked, and grilled all get the green light," says Bannan. "Skip anything described as creamy, crunchy, crispy, batter-dipped, or sautéed—words that suggest it's loaded with calorie and fat-laden cream or oil." Want to try everything? It's the perfect time to share. According to a recent study, the average restaurant serves an 8-ounce steak—more than twice the USDA-recommended serving size. "Unfortunately, most people eat the majority of what they're served," says Bannan. If your date doesn't want to split an entre, ask your server to bring only half to the table—and pack the rest in a to-go box.

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