6 Weekend Weight Loss Tips to Slim Down

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6 Weekend Weight Loss Tips to Slim Down

Watching a TV Marathon

The couch—and The Real Housewives—is calling and you're more than ready to listen.

Your Slim-Down Solution
Reinvent your Sunday by taking advantage of the fact that you can schedule a two- to three-hour fun, calorie-torching activity, like a hike, bike ride, or a beach volleyball game with friends. If you don't have any heartpumping plans, intensify your regular workout. "Use the weekend to shake up your routine with something new," says Debi Pillarella, a spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise. "You'll burn more calories than usual because your muscles have to perform at their peak when doing an unfamiliar activity." So give that Tabata class or hot yoga studio a try, or just pop in a new workout DVD.

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