Secrets to Stop Binge Eating

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Secrets to Stop Binge Eating

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Secrets to Stop Binge Eating

Shape presents six more terrific tips on how to tackle binge eating and enjoy a healthy balanced diet.

Healthy eating tips # 7. Don't eat meals just anywhere.
Make a point of always sitting down at a table to eat, rather than dining by the light of your computer screen or TV set. Focus on what you're eating—including how it looks, smells, and tastes—and you'll be less likely to continue eating after you're full.

Healthy eating tips # 8. Eat small meals more often.
Eating frequent small meals during the day not only keeps your blood sugar stable and your energy high, but it can help you avoid excessive hunger. People who get into night eating generally follow a typical pattern where they don't eat much during the day, then binge at night.

Healthy eating tips # 9. Don't diet.
Being too rigid about your eating is likely to make you feel deprived. A study from Louisiana State University found that calorie counting and consciously dieting were associated with overeating, especially while alone.

Healthy eating tips # 10. Buy single-serving-size snacks.
Get rid of big bags of food since people tend to graze until they've eaten the whole thing. While food shopping, think small: packages of several single-serving-size cereals, boxes of animal crackers and individually wrapped string cheese.

Healthy eating tips # 11. Use the 10-minute rule before indulging.
When the vending machine or kitchen beckons, stop and ask yourself if you're truly hungry, and not just bored or using food to procrastinate from something. Get involved in another activity for 10 minutes, then see if you still want what you were craving. Sometimes we get hunger pangs and they're more mouth hunger—a desire to taste or chew—than stomach hunger.

Healthy eating tips # 12. Have an hor d'oeuvre before the party.
It's easy to lose control when you go to a party or dinner hungry. Eating a piece of fruit (half a banana, an apple, or some dried fruits with a glass of water) or having a glass of milk or tomato juice and some whole-grain crackers before going out will act as an appetite suppressant.

From committing to regular workout routines to polishing your nails, Shape shares a final set of tips for your well balanced diet.

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