Secrets to Stop Binge Eating

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Secrets to Stop Binge Eating

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Secrets to Stop Binge Eating

From regular workout routines to finding stress relief, Shape shares bonus tips to conquer binge eating, once and for all.

Healthy eating tips # 13. Buffer against buffets.
To avoid overeating at a party, hold a non-caloric drink in your dominant hand. It'll interfere with the likelihood of reaching for problem foods. Take the focus off food: Identify people you want to talk to—and keep your distance from buffet tables.

Healthy eating tips # 14. Lick TV temptations.
While watching television, polish your nails, knit, do a puzzle—anything that occupies idle fingers. You want to keep your hands busy so you're less likely to eat.

Healthy eating tips # 15. Turn down food pushers (politely).
When people push food, you need to be clear and say, "No, thank you." Choose your words carefully: Saying you're on a healthy eating program is more persuasive than saying you're trying to lose weight.

Healthy eating tips # 16. Keep it up with your workout routines.
Workout routines do more than help counteract the excess calories that come from overeating. People who exercise regularly are less susceptible to overeating, most likely because their mood is elevated, so they don't need food to make them feel better. Exercising most days of the week also reinforces your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which is likely to make you more mindful of when, where and how much you eat.

Healthy eating tips # 17. Seek alternate stress relief.
You can learn to manage your emotions in a way that doesn't involve food. Find another outlet for frustration—whether it's taking a long bath, meditating, getting in a workout, chatting with a friend or another form of healthy stress relief. If you can distract yourself from upsetting feelings or learn to sit with them for a while, you'll probably find they pass more quickly than you'd thought. And, you'll feel better afterward because you'll have avoided another potential source of distress: losing control of your eating.

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