Weight Loss
7 Ways to Bust Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

If your weight is at a standstill, then follow this expert plan to bust through that plateau and into a smaller size for good!

Will Algae Milk Be the Next Big Dairy Alternative?

A new prototype for milk made from algae debuted last week at Expo West. Would you try it?

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There's a New Type of Kale!

Delicious and packed with even more nutrients, this leafy green is all the rage—but hard to get your hands on!

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Is Happiness the Secret to a Slimmer Body?

Exercising and dieting, but still holding onto the pounds? These 10 stress-busting tips could help take them off for good.

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BMI vs Weight vs Waist Size: Which Is Best?

When it comes to tracking your health, numbers can be helpful—if you use the right ones.

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WHO Recommends Cutting Sugar Intake in Half

The organization now says to keep added sugars to only 5 percent of your caloric intake. But will this help with obesity?

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Americans Down 100 Acres of Pizza Every Day!

Yowza. But that’s not the only shocking stat. These 20 eye-opening facts will make you rethink how you eat.

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What the Cheese Recall Means for You

One company has recalled products linked to a listeria outbreak. Here's how to protect yourself, especially if you're pregnant.

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Kick-Start Your Metabolism Every Morning

Burn more calories all day long by starting your day off with these 2 tricks.

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