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Is Madonna's Werewolf Diet a Good Idea?

Before you jump on this trend and start eating based on the moon’s phases, see what our Weight Loss Coach has to say.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Almonds

These fun facts are totally nuts!

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Greek Yogurt Brands Face Off with Big Ad Campaigns

Chobani, Yoplait, and Dannon Oikos will release new national advertisements in the next few weeks. So how do the products stack up nutritionally?

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5 Things You Never Knew About Quinoa

By now, you know it's KEEN-wah, not kwin-OH-ah. Now learn more facts that will blow your mind.

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Could Kale Be Bad for Your Health?

A recent article may have you alarmed that your favorite green will cause thyroid problems. Read this before you order that juice!

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Should You Worry About the Sugars in Your Smoothie?

Some drinks are great sources of essential nutrients while others are empty calories. See if your favorites pass the test.

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Should You Try the Pound a Day Diet?

Rocco DiSpirito's new book promises to help you lose weight fast, but at what cost to your health and sanity?

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Dramatic Before and After Weight-Loss Photos

Need a little inspiration? See how these real women took control of their health and lost up to 100 pounds!

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The 5 Healthiest Winter Vegetables and Fruits

Get the greatest nutrition bang for your caloric buck with these tasty foods that benefit your body from head to toe.

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