Weight Loss
The Best Diet for Health

Researchers looked at the science on paleo, lowfat, low-carb, vegan, and more diets to finally decide the optimal way to eat.

The No. 1 Thing to Do to Reach Your Goal Weight

Before you toss out the chips and head for the gym, do this, and you’ll be much more likely to achieve the body you want.

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Jumpstart Your Bikini-Body Weight Loss

Enhance the effects of your diet and workout plan with these natural supplements that may help you shed fat faster.

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6 Must-Read Weight-Loss Bloggers to Follow

These brave souls keep it real as they detail the ups and downs of their scales and journeys. Read and be inspired.

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Lose Weight Without Trying!

Some of the most effective ways to drop a size or two don't involve the gym or dieting.

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Omega 3s Aren’t So Great, Study Says

The fatty acids may not boost your health and saturated fat may not be so bad, researchers say. Confused? Let us clear things up.

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7 Ways to Bust Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

If your weight is at a standstill, then follow this expert plan to bust through that plateau and into a smaller size for good!

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Will Algae Milk Be the Next Big Dairy Alternative?

A new prototype for milk made from algae debuted last week at Expo West. Would you try it?

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There's a New Type of Kale!

Delicious and packed with even more nutrients, this leafy green is all the rage—but hard to get your hands on!

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