Weight Loss
9 Smart Snack Swaps for a Better Body

Your between-meal bites probably aren’t as healthy as you think. Use these tweaks to make them more energizing, satisfying, and beneficial for your body and mind.

How Food Texture Affects Calorie Intake

Snack smart: Whether you pick a crunchy or creamy food may make you eat less without even meaning to!

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Proposed FDA Guidelines Reveal Your Honey May Contain Added Sweeteners

Products with added sugar or corn syrup should be labeled, the FDA is saying. For now, here’s how to tell if your honey is pure.

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4 Ways to Outsmart Hunger Hormones

How to harness the power of your hormones and nix cravings, boost metabolism, and shed those last stubborn pounds for good.

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New App Could Count Calories from Food Photos

Techies are working on a program that will estimate how many calories are on your plate, but will it be any improvement over the apps already out there?

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9 Signs You’re on a Fad Diet

Before you go trying the latest weight-loss craze, see if it passes this test for being healthy and meeting its promises.

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Too Little Sodium Just As Bad As Too Much

A new study says ditching salty foods may not protect you from heart troubles, but experts are wary.

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Why Maple Water Isn't the Next Coconut Water

Some people are comparing this trendy new drink to the tropical one, but they’re very different—yet both are worth trying.

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The Best Diet for Health

Researchers looked at the science on paleo, lowfat, low-carb, vegan, and more diets to finally decide the optimal way to eat.

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