Weight Loss
FDA Approves a Sixth Artificial Sweetener

Advantame is the newest zero-calorie sugar alternative you may soon be able to add to your latte.

Some Cereals Are 50 Percent Sugar

If cereal is your a.m. go-to, you may be eating 16,000 calories from sugar a year just from your daily breakfast, a report finds.

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Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Are Still Healthy!

Despite a new study saying the amount of resveratrol from your diet isn’t beneficial, there are reasons to keep drinking and eating.

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A Fast Weight-Loss Strategy That Won't Backfire

Rev up your metabolism, zap fat fast, and reveal your summer body now—then keep it all year long!

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Could Your Snacking Cause Belly Fat?

A new study says yes. Our Weight Loss Coach says hold on! Get her full take on between-meal eating.

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The Dukan Diet Is Back!

The latest book for this high-protein diet promises to help you find your “true” weight, but our Weight Loss Coach is skeptical.

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Frozen Meals Could Save You 253 Calories

New research suggests that picking a frozen dinner rather than fast food may help you eat healthier all day.

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Can Cutting Carbs After Lunch Help You Slim Down?

Bob Harper advocates skipping carbs the second half of your day to lose weight. Here’s what science says about this plan.

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The Surprising Factor That May Curb Your Hunger

If you’re trying to slim down for summer, this odd trick may help you lose weight, research suggests.

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