Weight Loss
Is Waist Training the New Juice Cleanse?

Celebs and real women are giving the thumbs-up to this latest diet trend, but can it really shrink your stomach?

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8 Serious Perks of Losing Weight Besides Fitting into Skinny Jeans

Weight loss should be about more than numbers on a scale. And dropping those last few pounds could mean better immunity, a thicker wallet, and more!

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Why It's Harder to Lose Weight After Regaining

There is a concrete, physiological reason!

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5 Ways to Date When You're Dieting

A love life and sticking to your meal plan don't have to be mutually exclusive. Here, tips for tackling common dilemmas.

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The Case for Big Changes to Lose Weight

Could you ever quit your favorite food cold turkey?

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How One Woman Went from 271 Pounds to Bootcamp Fit

Weight loss blogger Kelly Espitia shares her incredible weight loss transformation.

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5 Packaged Post-Workout Snacks for On the Go

Pack one of these dietitian-approved bites in your gym bag to be sure you properly refuel no matter how busy life is.

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4 Ways to Keep Off Pesky Pounds for Good!

Follow this plan once you’ve reached your goal weight, and you’ll maintain your hard-earned body and newfound energy.

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Is Tea Better Than Coffee for a Long Life?

A new study suggests java junkies should switch their drink to live longer, but let’s take a closer look at the findings.

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