Weight Loss
The Once-Heavy Girl's Guide to Being Slim

One woman shares her tips for staying in shape without getting bent out of shape.

The Power of Belief: How One Woman Lost 130 Pounds

With the support of friends and family, Dacia Root was able to transform her life—and lose 130 pounds.

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From Size 22 to 80 Pounds Down!

When Jo Ann Valle saw her dress size going up and up, she knew she had to make a change. Here, she shares her weight-loss journey.

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From Yo-Yo Dieting to a Way of Healthy Living

Heather McNally went on her first diet at 10—but after years of ups and downs she's developed a healthy relationship with food and fitness. Read her inspiring story.

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From Biggest Loser to Weight Loss Winner

How one contestant on The Biggest Loser changed the number on the scale (350 pounds)—and transformed her life.

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How One Woman's Small Goals Led to Big Success

Brooke Birmingham made little tweaks to both her diet and exercise routine—and dropped 172 pounds doing so. Here, her story.

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We Want to Hear Your Inspirational Stories!

Life is messy—and complicated. But that’s what makes it beautiful. Tell us your stories about embracing extraordinary circumstances and you could be featured in Shape's May issue!

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The Change That Sparked This Woman's 150-Pound Weight Loss

After reaching her breaking point, Ashley Donahoo vowed to change her life. Here, how she did it

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The Right Time to Mention Your Weight Loss When Dating

Spilling details of your weight-loss journey isn’t first date material—or is it? Real women share when to tell, what to tell, and how feeling comfortable in your own skin leads to lasting love.

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