September 10, 2009

The other day, I met my friend Noelle at a nearby bar for two of my favorite activities: drinking beer and complaining. At one point, right after telling her my story about the date who stood me up, I mentioned how I couldn't wait to reach my goal weight so things like that would stop happening to me. Noelle gave me a look and said, "Slimming down won't necessarily make all of your problems disappear."

I realized she was right. Guys may still be jerks no matter what size I am. But that said, being fit and healthy will make me happier-it already has. Life's little annoyances are still there, but you have a better attitude about them with when your knees don't ache when you walk and you can zip up your pants straight out of the dryer. So while I'm not going to count on weight-loss as the magical solution to all of my woes, I do know it will make them a little easier to handle.