August 28, 2009

I have a new obsession: Getting my clothes tailored. For about $10, the seamstress at my local dry cleaner will give one of my skirts, tops, or pair of jeans a completely new look. I used to think alterations were reserved for bridesmaids dresses-it seemed pointless for cheap or trendy items. But I've discovered that it makes a huge difference in the way the garment looks on me, and how I feel in it. Since I'm super-curvy, I need shirts that showcase my waist-anything straight or boxy makes me look a lot heavier than I am. So now, if I find a top I like that's too loose, I can buy it and get it taken in. The same goes for some of my old favorites that are now baggy on me. I can just have my tailor work her magic and they hug my new body perfectly. I end up feeling like a million bucks without spending that much.