See Alyssa Milano Pose for a 'No Filter' Selfie to Celebrate Her 50th Birthday

The actress shared a photo without makeup or filters for the milestone.

Alyssa Milano
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For Alyssa Milano's 50th birthday, she's keeping it real.

The actress shared a selfie on Instagram in honor of the big day. In the photo, she's wearing a T-shirt, offering a closed-lip smile with seemingly no makeup or filters on her face. Her hair isn't styled, and she appears to be propped up on a pillow in bed.

"This is 50," she writes in the caption of her recent post. "No filter. No touching up. No makeup."

Though some might expect a big bash for the milestone birthday, Milano had a simple celebration in mind. "I will spend this day, the same as every day," she continues. "I will move a little, love a lot, be of service, and count my blessings."

It seems to Charmed star is feeling good exactly where she is today. "I’m happy to be here," she writes. "Right here. Right now. In this time. In my time. In your time."

Still, Milano seems focused on the future. "There’s still so much to look forward to!" she adds. "And you know what? It’s even been okay to look back where I’ve been, where I came from, how far I’ve come, who came into my life and who stayed."

The actress wrapped up her birthday post with a message of gratitude to her followers. "Thanks for all of your support and birthday wishes," she writes. "Let’s keep going."

Milano is the latest celebrity to show off an unfiltered photo on social media, a refreshing change from the often unrealistic images found on the app. Her post follows the likes of Paulina Porizkova and Bethenny Frankel who've both recently used their platforms to show off who they really are, rather than post filtered photos.

While it might not seem like a big deal to apply filters to a photo before posting it on social media, the common practice has some serious consequences. Researchers have looked into the effect of both seeing and posting highly edited photos that depict a certain beauty or body ideal. Many studies suggest unrealistic photos on social media lead to lowered self-esteem and can even contribute to disordered eating and increased desire for cosmetic procedures.

That's why seeing Milano happily pose without makeup, styled hair, or body-altering filters in honor of her 50th birthday is such a welcome shift from the usual faux perfectionism shared on apps such as Instagram. Cheers to the actress for keeping it real and celebrating a major milestone.

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