These $7 'Fitness-Friendly' Lashes Withstand Even the Sweatiest Workouts

These strips are impervious to sweat.

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Ardell Workout Lashes

In most scenarios, I love a good strip lash; IMO, they’re a single-step hack for sultry eyes in seconds. Strips during a spin class, however? Unthinkable, lest they lift at the corners, or slide off sweaty lids entirely. That said, the new Ardell Active lashes — a so-called “fitness-friendly” collection of sweat-proof strips — might just prove a caveat to my spin class statement.

The Ardell Active lashes are strip-style lash sets designed to outlast sweaty situations — namely, intense workouts. Unlike other strips, the active lashes maintain shape and curl in the presence of moisture, notwithstanding (intense!) perspiration. Consequently, these lashes look freshly applied — before, during, and well after any sweat session.

Ardell Active Lash Pump'n


Buy It: Ardell Active Lash $7,

Available in six different styles, ranging from natural glam to night out-worthy, the active lash collection offers options for virtually any lash preference. (I’m partial to Pump’n: a voluminous set with tapered tips for a flattering, fluffy finish.) The most popular style thus far, Chin Up, features medium-length lashes arranged in natural-looking layers. Each of the six sets suits virtually every eye shape thanks to a flexible, pliable band. (Like most strips, these can also be trimmed to suit your specific eye width.) The active lashes are reusable, too, making the $7 sets a particularly good value for daily workout wear.

Of course, the strength of any strip lash is contingent on the adhesive with which it’s affixed — hence the Active Duo Brush-On formula: a new strip lash adhesive and companion to the active lash lineup. The inky black glue glides on via a flexible, eyeliner-adjacent brush. Like the lashes for which it’s intended, the adhesive delivers maximum hold and long-wearing durability in addition to a water-resistant, sweat-proof formula.  

Shopper reviews for the brand-new lashes are still trickling in. According to one shopper, the lashes are “the most beautiful, natural [set],” adding that they have a “lash extension look” while remaining comfortable.

Interested in adding worry-free, workout-proof lashes to your next gym session? Shop the Ardell Active Lash collection — and be sure to snag the sweat-proof adhesive!

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