I Wore These Sleek, Comfy Sneakers With and Without Socks All Summer — and They Stayed Odorless the Whole Time

Atoms Model 001 sneakers are a force to be reckoned with.

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Editor's Pick: Atoms Everyday Model 001 Shoes for Comfort and Stability
Courtesy of Atoms.

After clocking in tons of sockless steps without any odor, I’m convinced that my feet have met their match. Let me be clear: I’m very hard on my shoes. A walk in the park leaves not only the soles of shoes scuffed, but the interior tongue worn down as well. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been this way with a lot of things — full throttle. I needed an everyday shoe that could keep up with me and my tendency to choose walking over any other transportation. Enter: Atoms shoes.

I received an email from the brand learning that the shoe was created by industry experts who wanted to stop the constant-drop model of making several sneakers a year and just focus on one quality shoe at a time. According to the brand, its philosophy is to make each current model one percent better every year “by focusing on details at the ‘atomic’ level.” The product is meant to be durable, classic, comfortable, breathable, and made with recycled materials.

As for the look, the shoes are clean, modern, and even though my pair was bright white, I was told it could be machine-washed — needless to say, I was sold. 

Atoms Model 001 

  • How I tested: I traveled all around Rhode Island by foot with them (sand, gravel, lawn, and Mansion floors), commuting to and from the office in NYC, and out for a Peloton strength class in the studio.
  • Perfect for: Someone who is on their feet all day, walks a ton, or anyone who is looking for the perfect minimalist sneaker to complete any outfit.
  • What you’ll love: The recycled yarn material makes it flexible, breathable, and durable. It’s truly mind-boggling. A close second are the elastic shoe laces that keep your shoes tied all day long. Seriously, you can tie them just once, then slip in and out of them all day.
  • Keep in mind: The shoes are an investment; a pair of these kicks is normally $179, but they are currently on sale for $164 at Atoms. However, they are very durable and I can attest to the fact you can throw them in the washing machine. (Opt for a gentle cycle and air dry, and they will look out-of-the-box new.)
  • How it fits: True to size.
Editor's Pick: Atoms Everyday Model 001 Shoes for Comfort and Stability
Courtesy of Atoms.

Buy It: Atoms Model 001, $164 (was $179), atoms.com

In June, I first tried Model 001 (the evolution of their first product, Model 000) and they impressed me from the get-go. I couldn’t believe how light they were. The design was so simple and clean — the brand is like the “Apple” of shoes. I couldn’t wait to take these sneakers for a spin — or should I say, a lift. 

I took them to Peloton’s new studio in NYC and instantly received compliments from people who noticed the cool sole design on the bottom of the shoe. Even though these sneakers are meant for walking and standing, the flat design was perfect for my lift class and the midsole and outsole provided stability that made it easy to do single-leg and lateral movements. 

Another big impression: I didn’t have to touch my shoe laces at all. I repeat: I didn’t have to touch my shoelaces once throughout the entire workout. I can only hope the brand create a running sneaker which can do the same (big pain point for me, but I digress). 

After a few commutes to the city, I packed up the pair for a weekend of walking in charming Rhode Island: beaches, bars, and mansions — oh my! I clocked over 14 miles with and without socks and was downright baffled how the sneakers didn’t smell throughout the summer sweat and terrain changes. Months later, I’m still using the sneakers to commute to and from pilates workouts, at the office paired with dresses and skirts, and out on the town with dinner with the girls. All the while, my boyfriend and I can’t believe they pass the whiff test and continue to smell clean and fresh. After clocking in tons of sockless steps without any odor, I’m convinced that my feet have met their match with the Atoms Model 001 sneakers. And with that, I’m adding this black Atoms model 000 to my cart. 

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