April McCormick

April McCormick
Title: Senior Health Editor
Expertise: Fitness, Wellness, health, Lifestyle, Tech, Gear

April is a health editor who oversees Performance Marketing articles published on SHAPE. She has over a decade of experience writing about sustainable living, mental health, active lifestyles, yoga, meditation, postpartum wellness, international travel tips and hotspots, financial planning, and emerging tech trends.

Her work has been published globally in publications such as All4Women (NZ), Health.com, Verywell Fit, VW Mind, VW FAmily, VW Healt, The Huffington Post, Mama Mia (AUS), PARENTS, Parents Magazine, SHAPE, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, The Straits Times (SG), TripSavvy, and was featured in the New York Times Bestseller, A Letter To My Mom, among other publications.

For more on April, visit AprilMcCormick.com

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