Brittany Leitner

Brittany Leitner has worked as a freelance digital editor and content producer for more than 10 years, specializing in health, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Her work has appeared in Byrdie, Verywell Health, Bustle, Stylecaster, and The Zoe Report. Brittany began her writing career with internships at Time Out New York, Salt Hill Journal, and Marie Claire, where she polished her writing, fact-checking, and social media management skills. She wrote features and edited the content for Earnshaw's and Footwear Plus magazines before joining Elite Daily, where she wore several hats over the next three years. She started out as a copy editor and soon moved to senior editor, where she trained other editors and published more than 15 articles per day. As the head of content for Elite Daily, she wrote feature articles, news stories and original content while managing a network of freelance writers. She launched the brand's Identity and Culture vertical and ran a team of writers and editors to support it. As senior editor at Bustle Digital Group, she managed a team of editors and staff writers. She assigned, edited, fact-checked, and produced more than 125 articles for the lifestyle vertical each week. She upgraded the website, led the website direction, and managed special projects. Currently, she is a full-time freelance digital writer, editor, and brand consultant. She is also a poet and author of "23 Emotions," her debut poetry collection.
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