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Mallory Creveling, an ACE-certified personal trainer and RRCA-certified run coach, has more than a decade of experience covering fitness, health, and nutrition. In addition to Shape, her work as a freelance writer has appeared in Women's Health, Self, Men's Journal, Reader's Digest, and more. She has also held staff editorial positions at Family Circle and Shape magazines, as well as A former New Yorker/Brooklynite, she's now based in Easton, PA.

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Shape is an award-winning digital fitness, wellness, and beauty destination that offers inclusive, trusted, and empowering expert-led guidance and advice for anyone at any point in their wellness journey. Our library of more than 11,000 stories reaches more than 7 million readers monthly who want to prioritize their health, have fun, and lead an active lifestyle while also cutting through the noise of quick fixes and unvetted fads.

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