Mary Anderson

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Education: Harvard University
Location: New York, New York

Mary Christ Anderson is the former deputy editor for Shape magazine, where she oversaw the publication's front-of-book, beauty, and fitness sections. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, InStyle, Glamour, and more, and has won awards from MIN, Folio, and Meredith. She has appeared on TV shows including The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and more.

She started her career as an assistant editor at Rolling Stone, and later helped launch Condé Nast Sports for Women. She created and served as editor in chief for the website, and in 2003, she joined Self magazine as a senior fitness editor. Prior to serving as deputy editor of Shape, she was the fitness director then deputy editor at Fitness.

She earned a bachelor's of arts in history and literature from Harvard University.

About Shape

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