Pamela O'Brien

Title: Wellness and Lifestyle Journalist and Editor
Education: Syracuse University, B.S. in Journalism

Pamela is a wellness and lifestyle journalist based in New York. An experienced editor, she has delivered stories on a variety of subjects including health, food, fitness, beauty, fashion, travel and home. Pamela previously served as Sweet July’s Deputy Editor, Shape’s Deputy Editor for 7+ years, and Fitness Magazine’s Executive Director for 9 years.

Pamela attended Syracuse University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Her work can be seen on MSN, ABC News (Australia), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Shape, Parents, Chicago Health, and Sweet July.

About Shape

Shape is an award-winning digital fitness, wellness, and beauty destination that offers inclusive, trusted, and empowering expert-led guidance and advice for anyone at any point in their wellness journey. Our library of more than 11,000 stories reaches more than 7 million readers monthly who want to prioritize their health, have fun, and lead an active lifestyle while also cutting through the noise of quick fixes and unvetted fads.

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