Rosemary Richings

Title: Contributor
Education: Glendon Campus of York University, B.A. in English Literature and Drama Studies
Expertise: Neurodiversity Advocate

Rosemary Richings is a Canadian freelance writer, editor, and neurodiversity advocate who is currently living in Marrakech, Morocco. She started off in the commercial copywriting sector, but she now takes on projects that educate people on how to make the world a more accessible place for disabled people. A lot of her work comes from her lived experiences as a neurodivergent person diagnosed with dyspraxia at the age of four.

Rosemary's writing has been featured on a long list of websites, including Travel + Leisure, The Good Trade, The Unwritten, and Shareable. She is also a regular collaborator with independent neurodiversity advocacy projects, such as Dyspraxic Alliance and Dyspraxia Magazine. Currently, she is serving on the board of trustees of Dyspraxic Me, a charity specializing in peer support for dyspraxic young people ages 16 to 25. Her debut novel, Stumbling Through Space and Time: Living Life with Dyspraxia, is now available.

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