April 28, 2011

The April issue has been out for a while now and I just love the picture that ran with it. It reminded me of how fun it was to bring my dog to the beach (and what a good workout partner she can be). My husband had the day off so he was able to come along too-and I'm so glad he did! It was Snookie's very first time on sand and she was a little unsure how to walk on it. But after a few seconds, she decided she loved it and took off running! Luckily my husband got her under control quickly and we were able to get down to the business of taking pictures. The photographer snapped some of me walking Snookie, sitting with her, and holding her (not easy when the dog weighs more than 30 pounds!). My arms were definitely burning by the end but it was such a fun day. Here are some cute pics of celebs and their dogs.


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