The 2023 Shape Best In Fitness Awards

Shape editors and other experts share more than 160 of the best fitness products on the market right now.

Whether you're crushing a kickboxing workout or flowing through a restorative yoga class, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to finding what moves you. In fact, part of the joy of building your own exercise routine is experimenting with new workouts, testing the latest fitness gear that helps you reach your goals, and understanding what motivates you to keep moving.

And those are just some of the biggest reasons why we're bringing you our first-ever Shape Best In Fitness Awards. With so many options available for at-home gym equipment, workout apps, wearable fitness trackers, and more, having the right info and trusted recommendations is essential to investing in your health (and an epic home gym, too). Our goal with the inaugural Best In Fitness Awards is to give you a complete guide to the tools that make your workouts not just possible, but better, by highlighting the products we truly love and recommend — so that you feel hyped to take on your workouts, whatever they may be.

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We know that everyone is at different a place in their fitness journey. You may be brand-new to working out or you could be building the fully stocked home gym of your dreams. Maybe 2023 is the year you've resolved to try rock climbing for the first time, or you've committed to chasing a personal record in the 5K — or maybe you like to dabble in a little bit of everything, fitness-wise. With a total of 167 winners in nearly a dozen categories, the Shape Best In Fitness Awards is your trusted resource for everything you need to start, continue, or switch up your workout routine.

Learn more about our methodology for how we narrowed down the best of the best in fitness, and meet the experts vouching for these winners — then dive into each category and soak up the exercise inspiration. You just may find more than a few of your new fitness must-haves.

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Our Testing Process

The process of ultimately choosing more than 160 winners of the first-ever Shape Best In Fitness Awards wasn't a small endeavor. First, we determined the categories we wanted to spotlight: large home gym equipment, small home gym equipment, workout gear, recovery tools, wearable tech, activewear, workout shoes, exercise accessories, virtual fitness platforms and apps, and outdoor gear and equipment. We also established parameters for what the awards would include and how we could prioritize products and brands that are inclusive and accessible to a wide audience. At Shape, making fitness representative and accessible for all is paramount (check out our Editorial Guidelines for more info). You’ll find a variety of winners that are size-inclusive, accessible for those with disabilities, and made by BIPOC-founded or -owned companies.

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Next, we tapped dozens of fitness and wellness pros, including Shape editors, personal trainers, athletes, and other professionals within the wellness world, to help recommend products. Each expert shared their thoughts on every product's ease of use, performance, comfort, and durability. Winners were only eligible if reviewers had used the product at least three times over the course of three months in the way it was designed. We also made space for newly launched items our editors were able to preview and test IRL, so our awards could include up-and-coming products that you'll be seeing more of this year.

Finally, after gathering all expert feedback, we selected our final winners — awarding only the best of the best with the first-ever Shape Best In Fitness Award. Bottom line: You can trust that not only are these products worth the investment, but they'll help you reach your fitness goals.

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Meet Our Experts

In addition to our own crew of Shape editors and contributors, we sourced recommendations from 14 fitness pros, experts, and trainers with verified credentials and years of industry experience. These panelists offer a diverse range of expertise, from their workout preferences to their individual needs and abilities, so no matter who you are or what workouts you love, you'll find feedback that speaks to you.

Fitness Awards Experts
  • Zehra Allibhai, a certified personal trainer and the founder of The FitNest
  • Phyllicia Bonanno, a yoga and meditation instructor and trainer on the Sweat app
  • Sonja Herbert, a certified Pilates instructor and the founder of Black Girl Pilates
  • Kayla Jeter, a NASM-certified personal trainer and certified functional strength coach
  • Gabrielle Kassel, a CrossFit Coach
  • Noelle Lambert, a track and field Paralympian
  • Bridget O’Carroll, the founder of Studio Qila
  • Anastasia Pagonis, a Paralympic swimmer and gold and bronze medalist 
  • Maggie Rath, an adaptive CrossFit athlete
  • Anne Reuss, a NASM-certified. personal trainer and an inclusive training expert
  • Jessica Rihal, a certified yoga teacher and meditation instructor and trainer on the Sweat app
  • Kira Stokes, a NASM-certified personal trainer, the CEO of Kira Stokes Fitness, and the Founder of the KiraStokesFit app
  • Jesi Stracham, a fitness coach and the creator of the Wheel With Me Fitness app
  • Laura Su, a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and strength coach

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